Where To Get Useful Items II - Compiled by Chris McCarthy

Originally published at Scaleforum 2005.

I have chosen to showcase Middlesex University Teaching Resources for 2005 because we find ourselves coming back repeatedly to this source and it seems that not many people know about it. MUTR supplies craft and technology teachers with a very interesting range of items. Many of these suit our hobby's purposes but were otherwise not known to us or hard to find. They are innovative in what they stock and their prices are often astonishingly low - presumably because schools don't have much money! They sometimes bundle samples, especially of new or technologically specialist materials, and these give us the opportunity of getting small, mixed, quantities of useful 'stuff' at a silly price.

They have an excellent website with on-line ordering. Anyone can register (you don't have to be in teaching) and we have found their mail delivery very efficient. We suggest you look at their website and make up your own mind.