Scalefour Society History

Hard to believe now but Protofour originally burst upon the modelling world in 1966.

The first magazine articles to introduce the new standard appeared in the Model Railway News in August and September of that year. This introduction was followed up by a seminal 13 part series in the Model Railway Constructor starting in 1967.

The Model Railway Study Group initiated the Protofour concept and wrote those articles. They provided inspiration to many of us, took a lot of flak, but had the drive to see Protofour established as the standard to aspire to in 4mm modelling. We owe them our thanks. Bernard Weller and Malcolm Cross were members of that study group and as the proprietors of Exactoscale continued to actively promote P4 for the rest of their lives. They kindly agreed to our reproduction of these historic documents.

Thanks are also due to the editors of the MRN and MRC who made their publication possible.

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Model Railway News/Model Railways (Facsimile)

"Protofour, a new approach to modelling standards"

Model Railway Constructor (Facsimile)

Unfortunately some photographs and line drawings in these facsimiles have been omitted due their poor quality during scanning. Where necessary and if possible, line drawings have been redrawn