Scalefour Stores

This page shows just a small selection of full range of items available to our members. The Society also promotes finescale modelling generally, and makes available to modellers in any scale a small number of items that would help them, including the Society's own book on the renowned Alex Jackson coupling and many jigs to aid its use.

Society policy is to concentrate on basic essentials needed for P4 modelling as well as specialised items not always stocked by the trade.

Check the links page and hosted suppliers pages for alternative sources.

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Track Components and Accessories

Sleepers, Rail etc

Parts for building track by the 'Brook Smith' system. Sleepers in ply pre-punched for rivets are available in 8'6" and 9' lengths and punched for standard or Irish broad gauge.
Matching timbering for turnout construction, rivets, fishplates and scale bullhead rail in steel or nickel silver and flatbottom rail in nickel silver.
And for electric traction fans the only available scale conductor rail along with matching end ramps and conductor rail supports.

accurate conductor rail supports

Photograph of rail, sleepers and rivets

Track Gauges and Jigs

The essentials for building track - gauges for track, check rails and crossing flangeways as well as jigs for filing and assembly of crossing vees and for track alignment when laying.

Point rodding etc

The items needed to complete the real look of your trackwork, point rodding cranks, signal pulley wheels and the point stretcher bars.

Society track templates

A range of detailed drawings of points and crossings used to build your track directly on. The range includes turnouts from A4 to C12 and a selection of tandem (3 way) turnouts. These are also available to members to download and print at home.

Rolling Stock Components

Alan Gibson Wheelsets

This range of good looking wheelsets includes two sizes of wagon wheels in disc, normal spoke and split spoke versions and two sizes of coach wheel in disc and Mansell varieties. Eleven types in all, with 26mm pinpoint axles.

Associated Components inc. Jigs and gauges

Back to back gauge The 'back to back' gauge is essential for setting wheels correctly on their axles.

It is also available for 5'3" gauge as well as 28mm axles to convert the wheel sets.

Brass pinpoint bearings to suit the standard axles.

Jigs for assembly of Alex Jackson Couplings.

Wagon Suspension components

A range of W-iron units for building wagons with compensated suspension. RCH, LMS and BR types are covered as well as a concealed inside bearing unit for wagons where the normal type are not suitable or for converting RTR wagons. The RCH type is also available for 5'3" gauge.

Coach and compensation kits

For bogie coaches bogie compensation kits are available in two styles, Society designed beam compensation and the MJT torsion bar style. These cover bogie wheelbases from 6'4" to 10'

Six wheel coaches are covered by compensated chassis kits from Brassmasters with a choice of RCH or Midland W-irons.

MJT white metal castings for bogie sides.

These are essential to complete the etched bogie compensation units. The range includes twelve types covering the grouping companies and British Railways.

MJT white metal spring and axlebox castings

These items complete the etched W-irons. Keeping the springs and axleboxes seperate allows the builder to provide for the neccessary movement of the W-irons and also gives more flexibility to match the prototype variety. Six types of spring and eleven different axleboxes are available.

Chassis Components

Frame spacers, coupling rods, hornblocks including a sprung hornblock designed for the Society by Dave Bradwell and the MJT/Russell replacement sideplates for Portescap gearboxes.


Lever Frame

An etched lever frame with turned handles. The frame comes in units of 5 levers and is designed to make functional lever frames for operation of points or signals on your layout. This is not a scale item.

Screws, etc.

Those hard to find small screws in 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16BA complete with nuts.