Membership of the Scalefour Society is open to all interested modellers over the age of 16. Younger members may be admitted if sponsored by an adult member.

You may wish to read our Membership Prospectus for full details.

You may also wish to review our Constitution and Rules (PDF) before joining.


Join the Scalefour Society now and receive all the benefits of membership until the end of February 2025.

People joining now will not need to renew until 1st March 2025.

Now we think that's a great deal!

The rates for members outside the UK include a postal supplement to offset the higher postal charges involved.

Thank you for applying to join the Scalefour Society, a membership from which we believe you will gain much benefit.

If you have any queries please e-mail the Membership Secretary:

On Line Application

Please follow the relevant “Join Today” button in the table below according to class of membership. You will be directed to a secure site where you will asked to fill in your details. Payment by debit or credit card can be made directly, or we accept PayPal.

Data Protection Act 2018: The Society holds computer records of personal data in respect of each of its members unless the member has specifically requested manual processing. In accordance with the Data Proection Act 2018, by applying for membership, you consent to your personal data being used for any of the following purposes: -

  • the compilation and distribution of relevant names and contact information (address, email and telephone) to officers of the Society for the fulfilment of Society functions.
  • transmission of members' contact information to third parties for the sole purpose of distributing publication or resources;
  • release into the custody of computer hardware or software specialists where neccasary for the maintenance or repair of equipment or software;
  • retention of members' financial transactions with the Soceity for such period (currently six years) as HMRC or other regulatory institutions of the UK may require;
  • any other disclosure which the Commitee reasonably believes is necassary or legally required.
  • For the purpose of the Act the Data Controller shall be the Committee.

    Please note: the Society no longer produces or publishes a Membership List(s) to members of the Society for use only within the Society.

    Consent: I hereby apply for membership of the Scalefour Society and I agree, if acccepted to abide by the Rules of the Society as laid down in the Constitution.

    I consent to my personal data being held and used by the Society for the purposes as states in the Data Proection Act 2018 section above. My agreement is signified by clicking on the Join Today link and completing the requested details.

    RIGHT OF CANCELLATION: You have a legal right to cancel your application, and receive a full refund, within fourteen dayts. Please contact the Membership Secretary ( if you wish to do so.

View larger font size of Personal Data disclosure and consent

Membership Category Subscription Location Postal supplement Total subscription Subscription Link
Member £24.00 UK (inc. BFPO) £24.00 Join Today
£24.00 Rest of Europe £7.00 £31.00 Join Today
£24.00 Rest of the world £10.00 £34.00 Join Today

It will help your committee to help you if you also fill out our new members questionnaire.

Application by Post

If you prefer to apply by post, you can complete our application form, print it out and mail it with a cheque to the Membership Secretary.

Postal Application Form

When completed, please send the form, with your remittance or completed credit card details, to:

Steve Carter,
Membership Secretary,
Main Street,
TN31 6RG,

If you have a UK bank account and wish to use a Direct Debit for future renewals please print out the Direct Debit form (PDF) and send it in together with your membership application. The Society only does a direct debit run once a year at renewal time so we can't take the initial fee by this means. Members joining on line will be sent a Direct Debit form with their New Members' pack.

Prospective Overseas members please note that payment must be drawn payable in pound sterling (£/GBP) on a UK bank. Foreign currency cheques cannot be accepted because of the rates our bank charges for the payment of foreign currency cheques. If you elect to pay by debit card, credit card or PayPal, this detail is taken care of by your card issuer or PayPal. Therefore the recommended payment methods for overseas members are credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Direct Debits

The main income received by the Society is that of subscriptions from members. Thus it is in the interest of all members that subscriptions are paid promptly on the 1st of March each year.

The use of the Direct Debit system saves you from having to remember when your membership renewal is due and, should you forget, saves the Society having to send reminders. Printing and posting reminders are a wasteful use of Society funds. Furthermore, the direct debit system gives the Society a significant saving in time and cost compared with processing other methods of payment, such as cheques.

Since you will need to pay your first subscription by conventional means, the direct debit would take effect from your first renewal. You are asked to request a Direct Debit Mandate - to do so please tick the relevant box in the final section of this form and a Direct Debit form will be sent to you. Please note that this facility is only available to members with UK bank accounts.

Direct Debit Form (PDF)

As a 'thank you' from the Society for members using a direct debit, there is also a benefit to you since subscriptions paid in this manner qualify for a discount of £2.00 on the renewal subscription.

Renewal for existing members

Existing members may renew their membership here (January-June).